Business Basics for Cabinet Makers

With so much competition for cabinet makers out there, how do you stand out from the competition, while serving your current customers, and develop high-quality products? These are the fundamental business basics that all cabinet makers deal with every day.

In the information below, we’ll outline 12 business basics that cabinet makers can follow, that will improve their chances for business success.

Establish a Point of Difference

Consider establishing something unique about your business that you do better than others. For example, if you make cabinets and install them, focus on your ability to clean-up after the project, or deliver quick estimates, arrive on-time for each appointment, or being an exceptional communicator.

The important item to remember here is that any business that operates with competition must separate itself through their actions, the level of service, or offering something that others do not.

Obtain the Correct Licenses

Depending on your location, it’s quite possible that you’ll need to obtain licenses by local government officials. Not only is this a legal requirement in some countries and cities, but it also helps you to establish credibility with customers. Make sure you obtain all applicable licenses and registrations for the areas you live before opening for business. You can obtain this information by visiting your local government website or contacting licensing agencies. Your cabinet making business should also consider available insurance options.

Establish Credibility

Once you’re established as an ethical and honest cabinet maker, you’ll begin to build credibility in your area of service. Your goal should be to become the ‘go to’ source for all cabinet making projects in the community you serve. This can be accomplished through your actions, service flexibility, and amazing customer service.

Make a Solid First Impression

The key to developing a strong reputation often begins with the first impression. You should always focus on returning phone calls, emails, or other customer inquiries quickly. Likewise, make sure the business is clean, neat, and professional. Sometimes, the simple act of saying please and thank you can make a great first impression.

Retain the Correct Insurance

Those who operate in skilled trades are exposed to higher risks. . It’s always a good idea to retain the right level of insurance to keep your business protected.

Establish a Solid Online Presence

You’d be surprised how often companies are asked, “do you have a website?” The goal of any professional company today is to establish a strong online presence. This begins with a website that is adaptive and responsive to multiple devices, easy to navigate, and provides all your service offerings. A simple three-page website is a nominal investment that will provide you with a strong platform to capture online visitors.

Hire a Good Accountant

Accountants are crucial for any business – but especially in the trade industry. As a cabinet maker, you likely don’t have time or the experience with financial protection, such as what tax obligations you have with government agencies. Hiring a good accountant will provide you with peace of mind as you focus on building your business.

Create Clear Terms and Conditions

There is nothing worse than dealing with a customer issue, especially when your terms and conditions are unclear. Before opening the doors to your cabinet making business, it’s crucial to establish easy to understand terms and conditions with the services you offer. It should include your entire scope of services, consequences of non-payment and payment terms. Sometimes it makes sense to hire a good lawyer to help you with this crucial item.

Seek Referrals from Customers

The trade-industry thrives on customer referrals. Whether it’s word of mouth advertising to their friends and co-workers, or posting online reviews on Google Business, Yelp, or other websites, every good cabinet maker should actively request customer referrals from satisfied clients.

Know Your Clients

Customer service is the key to any business success. Knowing what makes your clients happy, what projects they prefer, and the styles and trends of cabinets in their homes and office spaces gives you a competitive advantage.

This is known as end-to-end relationship building, or the process of understanding the ins and outs of your customer base. Don’t be afraid to ask customers for feedback and then revise your offering to suit those needs.

Here are a few specifics to consider:

  • Be Responsive: Enhancing your relationships with customers begins by being responsive to their inquiries. Make it a priority to reply to phone calls and emails from customers first.
  • Deliver Projects on Time: Nothing makes a customer angrier than a service provider that is not on time with the project they’ve been assigned. Make sure to finish all projects as quoted and estimated, and always with a focus on quality.
  • Seek Input: To grow your business, you need to clearly identify the wants and needs of consumers. Identify your target base, determine what services they desire, and adjust your business offering to satisfy your niche.

Take a Gradual Approach to Growth

Biting off more than you can chew comes with consequences for any business. It’s important for a cabinet making company to grow gradually, or on a scalable front. This not only helps you stay on task with your current obligations, but also permits you to build relationships with existing clients – instead of upsetting them. While growth is crucial, make sure it’s gradual.

Become a Trend Setter

While it’s important  to stay ahead of the curve, it’s also good to establish  industry leading practices. Identify areas or design elements that your clients are attracted to and integrate them into your cabinet designs. You can also search online for international cabinet makers to see what they are creating, then introduce it to your clients.

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