While you wipe away the mess that your clients make, we’ll wipe away your worries with cleaners insurance. With just a few clicks or a single phone call you can get multiple competitive quotes from leading insurers. Just select your preferred policy and you’ll be covered in a jif!

If you operate as a sole-trader you are personally responsible, both legally and financially, for all aspects of the business. In other words, you have unlimited liability which means your personal assets are at risk of being seized if things go wrong.


Public Liability

Do you need it? The short answer is yes. Whether you clean domestic or commercial properties there are plenty of things that could potentially go wrong which could leave you facing a liability claim for personal injury or property damage. You forget to display a ‘wet floor’ sign and somebody slips over injuring themselves; someone trips over the cord from the vacuum cleaner that you left out; you spill a cleaning agent which leaves permanent damage to a bench top or floor; or you accidentally knock over your client’s antique vase smashing it to pieces – the list could be endless.

Thankfully, Public Liability insurance is there to protect you from financial losses arising from a claim of accidental injury or property damage as a result of you going about your business. It pays your legal and defence costs, court costs and compensation awarded to your client.

Business Insurance

If you rely on your own cleaning equipment to run your business how would you cope if it was damaged or stolen? The good news is you can protect it with General Property cover. It covers your essential equipment against theft or damage anywhere in Australia, on or off the job.

Personal Accident

You rely on your physical ability to get the work done – but have you stopped to think about how you would keep on paying the bills if you were to injure yourself or fall ill and had to take time off work to recover? Accidents can happen anywhere, anytime. It could be at work or even when you’re out and about in your spare time.

Personal Accident and Illness Insurance can help by paying a benefit of up to 85% of your income, up to $3,000 per week if you are unable to work temporarily due to an accident or illness so you’re not left wondering how you’ll be able to keep paying the bills and put food on the table.

Claim example

A cleaner working at a domestic premises sprayed a shampoo product onto her client’s dining chairs accidentally over spraying it onto the vinyl flooring causing a reaction and serious flaking of the floor.

The client lodged a claim against the cleaner for $6,360 which was the cost of replacing the entire floor that covered the kitchen, dining, hall and entry. Fortunately, the cleaners Public Liability policy responded and covered the entire cost, minus the $500 excess. Had the cleaner not held Public Liability insurance they would have been personally liable for the costs of replacing the flooring.

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