Why do Personal Trainers and Fitness Professionals need it?

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Did you Know?

As a fitness professional operating a business, you require permission from your local council if conducting exercise sessions in outdoor areas.

Insurance for Personal Trainers and Fitness Professionals

Professional Indemnity

As a personal trainer it’s your job to create unique exercise plans that will help your client reach their fitness goals. However, mistakes happen, accusations can be thrown around, and claims are made, whether right or wrong. Professional Indemnity Insurance* is designed to have your back. It protects your business from losses incurred as a result of claims of actual or alleged negligent acts or omissions in the provision of your professional service or advice to your clients. Some common examples of claims personal trainers can face relating to their professional advice or service include:

  • Personal injury claims due to professional negligence of the personal trainer
  • Creating training plans that are unsuitable or ineffective
  • Providing wrong or misleading advice in relation to dietary plans and food preparation

Professional Indemnity Insurance will also assist with the legal costs associated with responding to or managing claims which are covered by the policy.

* As with any insurance, cover will be subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions contained in the policy document.

Public Liability Insurance*

Public Liability insurance is important to keep your business fighting fit.  In fact, it’s likely that Public Liability insurance is required if you operate as a contractor to a gym or fitness studio, or to obtain a council permit to operate your business in public areas.

Public Liability insurance is designed to provide protection for you and your business in the event a customer, supplier or a member of the public is injured or sustains property damage as a result of your negligent business activities.

For example, your client trips over a piece of fitness equipment and fractures their wrist.  Your customer could be able to seek compensation from you for the injury, together with medical costs and loss of income.    Public Liability insurance offers you piece of mind in the event an unwanted personal injury or property damage claim arises.

Business Insurance*

If you own expensive fitness equipment then it might be worth considering Business Insurance to cover against loss, damage or theft.  It can also provide cover for any stock that you carry, such as supplements and protein bars etc.

Personal Accident and Illness*

Your body is your business. If you were to seriously injure yourself or fall ill it is likely you will need to take time off work to recover.  No matter how fit you are, accidents can still happen on and off the job. Personal Accident and Illness insurance  can provide levels of cover for loss of income, permanent disablement and even death if you are unable to work as a result of an injury or illness (even if it occurs outside of work). You can stress less about paying the bills while you recover from an injury or illness.


*As with any insurance, cover will be subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions contained in the policy wording. The information contained on this web page is general only and should not be relied upon as advice.

3 questions to ask yourself when buying insurance

  1. Do you create custom training plans for your clients in accordance with their body type or health condition? Do you provide advice in regards to dietary plans and modifications?
  2. Does your place of work require you to hold a minimum amount of Public Liability insurance? Or if you work outdoors, does your council permit require you to have insurance?
  3. How would you keep on paying your bills and day-to-day living expenses if you had to take time off work to recover from injury or illness?

Could this happen to your business?

Bootcamp hazard

A lady attending her regular bootcamp session tripped over a tyre that was used as a corner-point in an exercise course, sustaining serious injuries to both of her elbows. Unfortunately she had to take time off work to recover which resulted in a loss of income. The lady lodged a claim against the personal trainer for negligence as they failed to warn her of the hazard which she was exposed to.

The wrong advice

A middle-aged man on a health kick enlisted the help of a personal trainer. The personal trainer who had little experience ordered him to perform a particular exercise that was inappropriate for the man’s age and physical ability. The man suffered a severe spinal injury and had to undergo surgery on his back. He sued the trainer for negligence and breach of his duty of care for prescribing an unsafe and unsuitable training programme.

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